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About Us is part of The PowerView brand of products. PowerView products are manufactured and distributed by The Recom Group, Inc. We are an INC 500 company that has been in business for over 15 years. We are Dunn & Bradstreet rated. You can find our technology displays in retail and commercial locations in nearly every state in the country and throughout six of the seven continents of the world. If you ever previewed video or music inside a retail store, chances are you have already used our equipment. Over a decade ago we pioneered the first solid state touch screens in Home Depot, Digital Listening Stations for Disney and the first DVD Preview Systems in the original Tower Records. Our expertise goes beyond hardware and software. The Recom Group has on site video editing and production to assist you with your content. You have the resources through us to create a complete solution for your Video Name Tag at an affordable cost. Never before, has there been an easier way to create so much impact for you whether you are looking to help your sales/advertising efforts, promote specials or simply make a splash at an event or party! You can be confident that the company behind this amazing product is not only well established, but committed to your satisfaction with your own Video Badge/Video Name Tag!

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Our Product Innovations we are famous for

World's Largest 
Laptop Computer
World's first 
Video Preview
We created Home Depot's
First Solid State Kiosks
World's first Battery Powered 
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